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Legal Requirements

To get married, you are required to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) with the selected Marriage Celebrant. The NOIM must be accepted by the Celebrant not less than one month and one day before the wedding, and no more than eighteen months prior to the ceremony.

The Celebrant will lodge the NOIM immediately after the actual wedding. During the compiling of the NOIM, both of you need to provide evidence of your marital status a Decree of Divorce or a Death Certificate (if previously married) and proof of age that both of you are 18 years of age or older (a birth certificate or a passport).

There are no legalities for any of the other ceremonies or life celebrations that we conduct.


When considering celebrant fees and other costs you need to take into account the actual time taken by the celebrant in preparing your ceremony (format, content by way of ceremony, vows and inclusions of family, cultural or symbolic preferences), rehearsals and post-ceremony administration.

The average wedding ceremony involves approximately 18 – 20 hours of celebrant time.

Add to this cost, the cost of the celebrant becoming initially qualified and maintaining that qualification through annual professional training and the cost of running his business - and the soon to be imposed Federal Government Annual Marriage Fee.

We will be keeping our 2019-2020 Flat Fee Charge at the 2018 rate – no increases – and will be adding value to our package through providing benefits that most other celebrants charge extra for. Our price is realistic, affordable and very competitive ( actually significantly less than most others – who also offer less features and charge extra for equipment required ) because we are not in it for the money - we simply enjoy meeting people, developing ceremonies and providing value for money.

Currently, a Wedding Ceremony at the Brisbane Registry Office costs:

  • Monday–Friday $444.00
  • Saturday $588.00

Most celebrants charge between $600.00 to $800.00 – some in excess of $1,200.00.. not us! We charge a realistic and affordable flat fee. Please feel free to ask what that affordable price is.

We include in our flat fee price ( with no additional charges ):

  • An initial meeting at your residence or nominated location to meet each other, discuss the wedding ceremony and start the process for you
  • Ongoing communication (e-mail and phone) to prepare, review and finalise the draft wedding ceremony script
  • Rehearsal for the ceremony at the venue or other designated location
  • Conduct of the ceremony on your wedding day
  • Lodgement of all legal documents
  • Assistance in applying for your official marriage certificate
  • Provision of PA System for music and microphones to allow your guests hear the ceremony and your vows
  • Provision of advice on symbolic rituals for the ceremony and/or inclusion of children in the ceremony - if required.

Note: Due to the increasing fuel costs, additional meetings involving travel in excess of 50 kilometers may require you to either travel to our office or pay an additional travel surcharge.

My wife Patricia works alongside me in preparing an conducting the wedding ceremonies so that we deliver a balanced male and female perspective to our ceremonies. We believe that this provides exceptional value and ensures that your wedding will be an entertaining and memorable occasion and not a possible disappointment.